eBooks on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
eBook Readers - connected to a service
Kindle - Amazon, syncs books with other devices - (free app, paid ebooks)
Nook - Barnes and Noble - (free app, paid ebooks)
iBooks - Apple through iTunes - reads EPUB - (free app, paid ebooks)

eBook Readers - with catalogs
Free Books - public domain titles - (free app and books)
Stanza - bookstores and free books, add and read EPUB - (free app, free and paid ebooks)
WattPad - user generated books - (free app and ebooks)

eBooks - individual books or compilations
BeamItDown Software - classics and fairy tales (paid apps)
for.side - fiction, pulp fiction (paid apps)
Jane Austen Collection - example of individual collections or book ($4.99)

General Purpose eReaders
GoodReader - PDF and others, not EPUB though ($.99)

Offline Web Pages
Read It Later (free and $4.99)
InstaPaper (free for iPhone, $4.99 iphone and iPad)

Making EPUB
Calibre (free)
Sigil (free)
Pages (Macintosh, iWork $70)
eCub (Macintosh and Windows, free)

Children’s Books

Interactive Multimedia Books
Cat in the Hat auto-read, read-along, read by myself ($3.99)
Toy Story auto-read, read by myself, record, paint, music, interactive games (free)
Jack and the Beanstalk kinks to vocabulary word definitions, in-book videos ($1.99)

Visually Appealing Books
Alice for the iPad Lite (free and $8.99)

Making Children’s Multimedia Books
StoryKit create storybooks with text, pictures, audio recordings, and painting (free)

eBook Readers with Catalog
ICDT (International Children’s Digital Library) classic children's books (free)
EduBook Tales fairy tales and classics (free)