Getting the Most From Your iPhone: Apps, Tips, and Tricks

ISTE 2010

The Basics

Organizing apps between screens
Changing the dock apps
Questions about Settings?
Downloading apps
Syncing with iTunes
Other Questions?
Questions about any of the built-in apps? (Calendar, Photos, Camera, Maps, etc)

iOS 4

Folders and folders in the dock
Custom Backgrounds
Choose file size when sending pictures from camera roll
App-Specific Location Services
Smart Links For Dates and Addresses in Emails


To type one number or symbol quickly, press and hold the 123 button and slide to item.
Built in scientific calculator. Just run the built-in Calculator app and turn the iPhone sideways.
The iPhone’s camera works a little differently than other cameras as the button to take a picture works when your finger comes off. So, to take better pictures, point your camera to the approximate direction, put your finger on the button, aim the camera to capture your picture, then lift your finger off the button to take the picture.
Traveling this year? Your iPhone camera can help you in many ways.
--take a picture of the bus stop at the airport to remind you when you get back
--take a picture of your car tag to save that trip out to the car while registering at a motel
--take pictures of all your credit and ID cards in case you lose your wallet. Be sure not to lose your iPhone though!
--take pictures of signs with public transportation information that you might need
--take pictures of the things you are bringing on your trip in case of theft or loss
--If you’re going to a conference, take pictures of presentations instead of writing notes.
Open a link in a new Safari window by holding down and waiting for second. You get options to open in a new window and copy it.
You can easily get to the top of most pages by tapping the top bar.
Take a screen shot of your iPhone by holding down the Home button and pressing the power button. The screenshot goes in your camera roll.

Teaching and Learning
Doodle Buddy -draw and email (free with ads)
Reference Information (free)
QuickGraph (free)
• Formulas ($)
Pop Math Lite (free)
Matches (free)
• Free WordWarp (free)
Flashcard apps
iFlashcards Free (free with ads)
iBooks (free)
Kindle for iPhone (free)
GoodReader (free and $)
WattPad (free with ads)
Read News
USA Today (free)
Explore your current location
Google Earth (free)
24/7 Spanish (free and $)
Children's games and activities
Preschool Adventure ($)
Special Education Edition: eCove (free but needs desktop application $$$)
Administration Edition: eCove (free but needs desktop application $$$)

Multimedia, Audio, and Video
Take and share pictures
Snapture ($)
Edit Pictures
Photoshop Mobile (free)
ColorSplash ($)
Camera Utilities
Fototimer (free and $)
AutoStitch ($)
Video Panorama ($)
Listen to audio
Pandora (free)
Public Radio (free)
Create and explore audio
Shazam (free and $)
Looptastic (free, $, and $$)
Ocarina ($)
Watch Video
• Many TV station apps
TED (free)

Interact with Digital and Physical Worlds
Exchange files with computer
Air Sharing ($ and $$)
Fliq (free, needs desktop app $$)
Files Lite (free)
Control other devices
Air Mouse (free and $)
Stream Video (need separate devices)
EyeTV ($)
Dish Remote Access (free)
Sling Player Mobile ($$$)
Stream Audio
AirPhones (free and $)
Remote Access

Collaborating and Communicating
Share iPhone to iPhone
Bump -share contact and photos (free)
Shared web resources
DropBox -share documents (free)

Manipulating Information
Google Voice Web Search (free)
Evernote -notes everywhere (free and paid versions)

Measure, Calculate, Convert
MultiConvert -converts anything (free)
Create and edit documents
QuickOffice Mobile -edit create Office docs ($$)
Documents to Go -edit create Office docs ($$)
Add web content
WordPress -add to Wordpress blog (free)

Organizing and Planning
Notes and To Do
To Do (free and $$)
Shopper -shopping lists ($)

Living, Lifestyle, and Self-Improvement
Interact with businesses
Bank of America (free)
Information & reviews of businesses
Yelp (free)
Check the weather
Weather Bug (free and $)
iTreadmill ($)
RedLaser ($)
SnapTell (free)
Chess Free (free)

Travel and Location Aware
Denver Rail (free)
Find POIs and Businesses
Siri (free)
Around Me (free)
Geocaching ($$)

Use Devices Effectively
Text to Speech
NeoKate (free)
NeoPaul (free)
Speech to Text
Dragon Dictation (free)