William Saito Outlines 10 Cybersecurity Myths That Must Be Busted

Every business executive has some beliefs about cybersecurity. However, one cybersecurity expert believes that many of these notions need to be busted. In a recent Forbes article, cybersecurity expert William Saito laid out 10 cybersecurity myths that must be busted.

One of the first myths busted by William Saito is that cybersecurity risk is separate from risk. Mr. Saito believes that cybersecurity requires the same level of attention of any risk facing a company. By treating cybersecurity as a general risk, any company can be prepared to defend themselves from a breach.

Another cybersecurity myth busted by Mr. Saito is that cybersecurity is just an IT issue. The truth is that cybersecurity touches every department in a company. Therefore, cybersecurity must be treated as a companywide issue. This companywide issue of cybersecurity also relates to another cybersecurity myth busted by William Saito. And that has to do with executives believing that digital security and physical security are separate issues.

The fact is that everything in a company, from the front doors to the phone system to the desktops, run through the IT system. Therefore, every psychical security issue has an IT element to it. By focusing on cybersecurity companywide, a business is better prepared to protect itself from any external or internal threat.

Later, in the article, William Saito talked about other cybersecurity myths. These myths include the fact that antivirus software is not enough, getting hacked is an embarrassment, and that a company will never get attacked or breached. Overall, these 10 cybersecurity myths busted by William Saito show that every company needs to treat cybersecurity as a companywide, existential threat.

William Saito is a cybersecurity expert and an entrepreneur. Starting his own software company in college, Mr. Saito was able to later sell his business, I/O Software, to Microsoft at the age of 34. Because of his hard work and success, Mr. Saito was awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998.

Today, Mr. Saito is known as one of the foremost experts in the field of cybersecurity. In addition to software development work, William Saito is also the author of a recent book, An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur. This memoir recounts Mr. Saito beginnings in the computer world, dating back to the 1980s.


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