Why Capital Group’s Investment Management Services Are Virtually Unmatched

In an increasingly volatile and dynamic global economy investors need financial services firms that they can trust to protect their interests and make the right choices. They need companies that are helmed by experienced investment professionals who have spent years surviving and thriving in the ups and downs of an unpredictable marketplace. One such firm is the U.S-based investment management Capital Group. The investment management company has been in the financial services business since the 1930s and has grown into a company that investors have trusted with more than $1.5 trillion in assets.

Over the years the company has developed an effective and proven investment strategy that has undergirded the success that it enjoys today. The company is currently being led by industry veteran Timothy Armour (Tim). Nearly two years ago the Board of Directors of Capital Group selected Armour to become the chairman of the company. Timothy Armour’s ascension to the role was part of a years-long plan find a replacement for the late Capital Group chairman Jim Rothenberg.

Capital Group is known for having the insight to make smart investments like the risk it took on the successful online video streaming subscription service Netflix. The company’s choice to purchase a stake in Netflix has proven to be an example of its strong investment management capabilities. Netflix has been valued at $32.9 billion, an amount that led it to surpass the value of television network CBS. The company has proven to be a disruptive force in the television industry and was probably seen as an unlikely success story when it first started.

Capital Group is not only skilled at selecting domestic investment opportunities like Netflix. It also has the foresight to look beyond the American market for partners that can expand its potential to provide investors with the best possible returns. For example several months after his ascension to the role of Chairman Tim Armour was leading Capital Group as it forged a partnership with the asset management arm of the South Korean corporation Samsung. While most of the world knows Samsung as a manufacturer of mobile phones many South Korean consumers also see the company as the best choice for asset management. The company is actually the premier asset management company in South Korea. Its position in the market made it the perfect partner for Capital Group. In 2015 the two companies announced a partnership that would involve knowledge exchange, co-branded financial services and the creation of retirement-focused services that are designed specifically to suit the South Korean market.

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