What Makes Jim Hunt’s Work Important?


Jim Hunt is very much an easy going person in nature, but he believes strongly in the work he does. He’s an independent investment advisor who can find trade shortcuts or secrets in his profession that you probably won’t hear about from too many other experts. Hunt is always staying ahead of the curve through the reading and research he does, and he even told Ideamensch that the best $100 he could spend would go to a subscription to financial insider information. But Hunt certainly recommends more basic reading for his audience, including books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad that give people introductions to the world of finance.


Jim Hunt doesn’t consider himself to be merely a man out to strike gold in his profession, but rather to help those who are not as well versed in investing find out how they can get started in it. He publishes YouTube videos in which he shows his followers how to spot good investments and trades, and tells them how to use stock charts to their advantage. But he also started two programs to demonstrate just how easy he believes investing is, one called “Wealth Wave,” and the other “Making Mum a Millionaire.” In the latter, Hunt demonstrates how starting with 1,000 pounds can be compounded through 10 trades to make someone a tax-free millionaire.

Jim Hunt also started a company that provides even more instruction about investing to people who are looking to go somewhere new in life.  VTA Publications starts users at the basics and their materials include retirement planning based on the bible, learning how to read and use stock charts, and finding out about little-known trading strategies. Their business seminars are where some of the world’s brightest businessmen come to share knowledge about investing and business decisions, and all the seminars are available to order on DVD from the VTA Publications store.

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