The Frontera Fund: How Did Joe Arpaio (Unintentionally) Help Create This Arizona Charity?

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have had multiple run-ins with Joe Arpaio during their lives. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists who formally owned Village Voice Media, a media giant that operated a dozen or so newspapers.

Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County for nearly 20 years. During these years, citizens of Arizona were punished by Joe Arpaio’s harsh behavior. Hispanics specifically were subjugated to horrible behavior coming from Joe Arpaio. In fact, Joe Arpaio has been sued several times due to his illegal arrests.

Michael and Jim themselves were victims of Arpaio. They aren’t Hispanic; Joe Arpaio had a different grudge against them. At the Phoenix New Times, one of the newspapers they owned, they conducted investigative journalism, attempting to reveal Joe Arpaio for the corrupt police officer he was. When Joe Arpaio had enough of his dirty laundry being aired out, he had them arrested.

This was back in 2007. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were eventually released form jail. They then began a multi-year legal battle with Maricopa County and Joe Arpaio. In the end they were victorious, earning a $3.75 million settlement. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

This isn’t the only time Joe Arpaio has costs the citizens of Maricopa County their hard earned tax dollars. A particular citizen from Mexican walked away with 70 million dollars after Joe Arpaio illegally arrested him. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Joe Arpaio made headlines in 2017 as well. This time it was good news for Joe Arpaio. Stemming from the same incident that costs Maricopa County 70 million dollars, Joe Arpaio was charged with criminal contempt of court. However, in 2017, Donald Trump extended his hand to Joe Arpaio, offering him a pardon.

Trump’s love for Arpaio likely comes from the fact that Joe Arpaio backed Donald Trump during the early weeks of the primary campaigns. Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump also share a nationalist outlook towards immigration reform.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, on the other-hand, encourage positive immigration reform. In fact, after their settlement, they created The Frontera Fund. This organization aims to educate current and future immigrants on the proper laws concerning immigration. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are teamed up with many other organizations, often bringing their educational seminars on the road.

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