Dr. Mark Mofid’s Good Work Advertising Him.

It is the people like Dr. Mark Mofid who have helped maintain the face of gluteal augmentation. His constant research, the thirst for innovation, invention and gaining the trust of his clients who come in thousands has helped cement his achievements as one of the best in the world in this trade.

Mark Mofid has cultivated a reputation for safety first other than considering money first. For example in new technologies, he prefers to wait first and give his clients tried and true techniques with the aim of having a happy and satisfied client at the work’s end.

Mark Mofid believes that right job is the best form of advertisement and lives to his word as he does not market in any other way except the less search optimized website that he hardly worries about.

This is reason enough to attribute his two board certifications; American Board of Surgery and American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The Harvard and John Hopkins alumnus currently works in San Diego and La Jolla in the plastic surgery field.

From Harvard, he graduated with an undergraduate degree magna cum laude. From John Hopkins University School Of Medicine, a medical degree in general surgery and plastic surgery on top of an advanced craniofacial research fellowship.

To get to where he is, Dr. Mofid listened to the advice, ’don’t put the wagon before the horse.’ He has taken his climb to great accomplishments slowly by starting in a two-exam room office, making the excellent course in growth.

Mark Mofid helped solve one of the major problems like generic implants, incompatibility with the human muscle and sagging. This he conquered by innovation which provided better ratios, low profile and the intramuscular positioning was superior to the existing traditional ones. This took the gluteal augmentation industry by storm.

Mark Mofid’s demand is not only local but also internationally where he is called to give talks and operate. Moreover, he has cultivated an interest in the Brazilian Industry working with Dr. Gonzalez, another highly experienced and one of the most skilled in the world.

Dr. Mofid currently works in various hospitals in San Diego and La Jolla.


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