Alex Pall And Andrew Taggart Of The Chainsmokers Want To Connect With Their Fans

Even those who are not interested in music have heard the tunes of the Chainsmokers which have been sweeping over the radio and the music industry for the past two years since they became famous. Their first hit and chance at stardom came when they released “Roses” and ever since they have been stealing away the show in the EDM genre with smash hit after smash hit. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart is the duo that makes up this unique DJ group, both of which have a strong passion for music and collaboration. This is why a great many of their songs are collaborations with other artists and musicians.

Interestingly enough, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart did not actually start out making music together, and they did not really start the DJ indie band on their own. It was thanks to the manager that Alex Pall had at the time that brought the two together. For Alex and Andrew, it was practically love at first sight. Once they met up and discovered each others passion and backgrounds, they were constantly hitting it in order to put out music that they loved. During this time, they did gigs on the side as DJ’s, before hitting it big as musicians.

Despite the Chainsmokers constant and well-deserved success, the two superstars Alex and Andrew didn’t meet until four years ago. For Alex and Andrew, they want to create music that their fans can relate to and understand on a more personal level, which is what drives them to continue releasing new music and blending their style with other artists. As it stands, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are on a course not only to be successful artists but to follow their original trajectory as musicians and bring a more personal connection to the public through their songs.

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