Stabilizing Communities For the Future: Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright understands the problems of urban blight. He realizes that stable communities depend on economic growth. RPS Solutions LLC is an organization Seawright founded to address the many issues that lead to urban blight.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to revitalize Maryland’s cities. His current project is the development of Baltimore low and moderate income communities.

The vision of making home ownership available and affordable for low and moderate income families is a part of the stabilization process.

Home ownership is a key ingredient because it creates an anchor to the community at large. The recent partnership between RPS Solutions and the National Community Stabilitzation Trust will help RPS Solutions achieve its development goals.

Easing barriers that are now blocking people from home ownership is a short term goal with the project. Long term goals are to increase ownership by 50 percent in the next ten years.

PR Newswire believes that Kevin Seawright and his team realize that there are forces out there that want to block the project from moving forward. He believes however that with enough time and effort these forces can be dealt with in the proper manner.

Seawright’s work as the Executive Vice President and CEO of the Newark Economic Development Corporation has provided him and his team with the necessary tools to enact development.

He also brings to the table a wealth of economic success stories with different organizations throughout New Jersey, Washington DC and Maryland. In this new role as founder and President of the RPS Solutions LLC, Seawright utilizes many of the strategies that helped revitalize companies and Newark, New Jersey.

The ultimate goal of the Baltimore project is to develop everyone in the community so they can reach their full potential. Home ownership, Seawright believes will stabilize the community for the future. This in turn will create a happy and growing community that celebrates its diversity.

Seawright loves Baltimore and is heavily involved in the community. He is also an accomplished finance and administrative expert. RPS Solutions’ primary mission is to renovate and construct affordable homes. The future does look bright for Baltimore.

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