Rocketship Education: Adopting New Academic Processes

Tennessee adopted the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), better known as the MAP assessment at their elementary level schools. The forward-thinking tool captures how well students adapt to the new material throughout the school year. The Nashville Public School system has leaned on other assessment types in the past, which leaves room for improvement. They relied on the proficiency model that only outlined if students were performing at proficient grade levels. The assessment was presented once during their curriculum.

Tennessee educators are now taking a proactive stance by utilizing the new assessment tool. They understand that students that live in underprivileged areas normally do not get off to a great educational start, which makes it difficult to stay up to standards with learning goals. The assessment tool will be quite beneficial to the Nashville region. As a matter of fact, the Rocketship United Academy of South Nashville introduced the tool in 2016. Seventy percent of the students their are from a disadvantaged background and started the school year behind. Due to the program and it’s assessment tool, those very same students closed the school year on or above grade level. They have achieved growth on an average of 1.35 years in math, with a 1.2-year growth stint in reading.

The Rocketship program is essentially a structured network of elementary chartered schools across the map. The organization is non-profit, they accept donations. It was founded in 2006 by outstanding vocational professionals John Danner and Preston Smith. The network is engineered to support students via public charter school models to effectively close educational gaps. The founders strive to create equality in education across the board, regardless of where a child is located. Rocketship has taken careful measures to make their program scalable and sustainable. The organization has a significant presence in the California Bay area, Nashville Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. Rocketship Education flagship schools lead the way in propelling student successes and milestones through ingenious academic methodology.

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