On the Real-Real, You Should Check Out The RealReal!

Have you heard of The RealReal? Gazette Day has! The site published an article in 2018 claiming that “The RealReal Is Becoming The Hottest Place to Find Deals On Designer Merchandise.” The article springboards with a contrast between the old-fashioned thrift store experience and The RealReal’s twist on the same concept, citing the typical thrift store for having a shortage of designer or high-end products while “The RealReal is an innovative consignment startup that sells luxury second-hand clothes. The article expanded to discuss the emergence of the The RealReal brand, what makes The RealReal unique, and how to shop at The RealReal.

So, what makes The RealReal different? Gazette Day claims a unique customer experience – coffee bars, flowers, and couches. Experience is key but so is authenticity. Each item sold to The RealReal goes through a detailed appraisal – employees double check and research each item to guarantee customers a positive experience.

Shopping in-store provides not only atmosphere but also allows the shopper to try on their clothes and survey The RealReal’s merchandise in person. In-house, if a shopper grabs an item, it is immediately scanned and temporarily removed from the online store until the customer returns it.

All-in-all, the article is a rave, pointing shoppers to visit this modern age thrift store, but it does acknowledge a single flaw in the system – sizing is always tricky. The RealReal has a solution for that! Instead of sorting clothes by their tag size, The RealReal staff group clothes into small, medium, and large, and ignore the original tag… every designer uses different measurements!

The RealReal boasts a “[belief] in the lifecycle of luxury” and collects gently used (and well-loved) luxury items from coats to vases to watches, refreshing the lifespan of long-forgotten items. They sell designer clothes for women, men, and kids along with jewelry and watches from designer brands from Gucci to Burberry to Tiffany & Co. in sizes from extra-small to double extra-large.

Want more details? Check The RealReal out on Instagram or Twitter @theRealReal, or on their website www.therealreal.com!

Find out more about The RealReal: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/the-realreal

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