Luiz Carlos Trabuco Portrays Confidence In Leadership

Every organization is susceptible to change in spite of its size, specialization or industry. Moreover, organizational change is inevitable and yet desirable in the world of business.

Business leaders who know to efficiently respond to organizational change that generates from the internal and external sources of the company are often branded as astute leaders with experience as they are willing to attempt new leadership styles alongside being open to some of the potential risks. One such leader that has demonstrated the value of embracing organizational leadership is Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the serving chairman of Banco Bradesco.

Describing Banco Bradesco

Bradesco is one of Brazil’s leading institutions for financial services. With its central office, the organization boasts of employing some of the most competent leaders in the industry. As of 2017, it had 5,314 branches alongside partnerships with drugstores, general retail stores, and supermarkets. Until now, the company has offered more than 1,000 employment opportunities to the people of Brazil.

Describing Leadership Changes at Banco Bradesco

Behind Bradesco’s success are several leaders with one of the former senior leaders being Brandao de Mello. An astute business leader, well-versed in financial management, he diligently served the institution for more than ten years. However, like life would present itself towards countless aged employees, it was time to step down and allow a more vibrant leader to take over. Therefore, in 2017, the longest-serving president in the banking industry tendered his resignation voluntarily. In his resignation, he mentioned a few facts that he would have liked maintained in the organization. Some of those facts included working with the already elected leaders. For starters, he appointed Luiz Carlos to serve as the president effective immediately. Just like he wished, the board of directors respected his demands by allowing Luiz Carlos to serve until March.


The Appointment of Octavio de Lazari

When it was time to replace Brandao and Trabuco, the board of directors held meetings to decide who was more deserving of the position. In Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s perspective, it was agreed that Octavio Junior was the most exceptional candidate because of his vast experience in finance and management. Moreover, he had exuded positive leadership traits like integrating some of the personal objectives of Bradesco’s employees with the needs of the banking industry. Additionally, he conjoined employees’ efforts towards attaining a common goal.

What Next for Luiz Trabuco?

As Octavio takes over, Luiz Carlos Trabuco retains his position as the chairman of the company. Like in the past, he will still oversee the general management of Bradesco alongside efficiently communicating the challenges that the company is undergoing. For starters, he recently commented on the issue of pension reforms citing that the policy should be implemented because it is the controlling factor of all remaining structural reforms. Moreover, for Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the implementation of the changes should occur before the elections period.

The Outline of His Career and Contribution

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been working at Banco Bradesco for four decades. Even as the leadership structure transitions, he continues to uphold the culture and ethics of the company with the intention of fostering accountability among employees.

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