Facts about OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a leading company that has more than 65 food processing plants across the globe. The processing company strives at producing and distributing high-quality food produces to several leading food service firms and also the retail market. This is a leading privately managed business that has employed more than 17000 individuals across the world. The OSI Industries is a food chain store that was created in 1909.

With the ever-increasing demand for chicken products, OSI Food Solutions intends doubling its production and distribution volume of chicken. Its chicken food solutions like chicken pastries and pieces are dispersed to numerous fast food chains. As the consumption of chicken increases, its leading customers like Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King and McDonald’s must strive to make sure the demands of their clients are met. The same case applies to OSI Food Solutions.

As an effort to expand their market in Europe, the firm decided to purchase Baho Food, which is a Dutch Food company that specializes in distributing a wide range of expediency foods and deli meats in the European market. Subsidiaries that work under the Boha Foods have food processing units situated in the Netherlands and Germany. With the help of this acquisition that took place in 2016, OSI Food Solutions will have a better chance to meet the demands of their clients in those markets and also almost 20 other nations in Europe.

However, that was that the only company that OSI Food Solutions managed to purchase that year. The firm also completed the acquisition of Tyson Foods plants situated in Chicago. Before the acquisition, the company processed and distributed ready meals in Chicago and this comprised chicken bits, chicken cordon bleu, and meatballs. Despite the acquisition, the company still holds two other food processing units in Chicago.

Apart from that, the company purchased Flagship Europe in 2016, a processing plant that served the UK market. It manufactured and distributed food products like iced up pies and iced up chicken to the foodservice market in the United Kingdom. Its mother firm is the Flagship Food Group.

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