End the Citizens United Ruling

In 2010, the USA Supreme Court made a ruling that had a significant impact on the politics of the land. The ruling was against a case between the federal electoral commission versus the people. The decision, in this case, gave a verdict that saw the court grant permission to wealthy and select people to spend their money in the US election.

The money can they use to fund the elections is limitless, and nobody can trace. The resultant factor of the unlimited and untraceable money results to the buyout of USA elections. Not everyone was happy about this decision, most especially Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Broker. Refuting this decision has a lot of weight for these two individuals.

For Kristen Gillibrand, her refusal to accept campaign money from the cooperate organizations. Such a move for her may place her in a small set of Democratic Nationals who have set the bar high when it comes to the issue of presidential campaign financing. Her pledge was in conjunction with the End Citizens United pledge.

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Another senator who stood firm on not accepting donations from the cooperate industry is Cory Broker. Cory made it apparent like some of his fellow Democrats that he will also no longer receive funds from profit organizations. With the Kristen and Cory hopeful candidates in 2020 presidential, this move may make or break their political careers.

To act up against this ruling, the ECU (End Citizens United) was formed in 2015. This a democratic political committee with the aim and purpose of trying to reverse the 2010 court ruling. The EAC says that despite a large number of Republicans agreeing that the right to offer billionaires the opportunity to vote for citizens is wrong, a majority of them still conform to the profit organizations funding.

The ECU enacted a plan to help them go over with the voters. They intend to use the grassroots and the public to help raise funds for candidates not willing to use billionaire organization funding. Their pages have the names of candidates that want a change in the election funding system. It also has donation forms and several ways and methods on how you can end citizens united.

The methods they highlight to the public include spreading the word about pro-reforms to the campaign funding by profit organization, using their social media platforms, and forming their groups. These methods will help fight for reforms in the campaign funding decision.

There are several things the ECU hopes to achieve during the 2018 elections. First, they want to raise funds of up to $35 million for candidates that do not support the Supreme Court’s decision. Secondly, ensure that the public continues taking charge of fighting against the ruling.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/

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