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Blog Post 3 Due Mon June 3

I looked for interactive whiteboard use in nursing education with a view toward learning how the technology can be used to enhance nursing education in the classroom.  Although I am willing and interested in using new technology, I find that I have a bit of anxiety and stage fright when the technology does not work.  I also tend to ‘click or touch’ too fast.  I found some reassuring sites that demonstrated the value of Smartboard/whiteboard use for our nursing classrooms.  The first was a study about the use of Interactive whiteboard in Nursing.  School of nursing Faculty studied the effect of the use of an interactive whiteboard for groups of students who were doing a presentation.  Just what I need for my nursing ethics class.


The areas compared were:  (improved learning) improved test scores, (collaborative learning) generation of ideas, satisfaction with group learning process,  and user satisfaction with SmartBoard.

There was a slight but not significant improvement in test scores in the smart board users

There was a significant increase in generation of ideas in the smart board users.

2.  Emory university overview of technology in Nursing Classrooms  Link:

This is a useful overview of the technology used in teaching, the physical set-up in the classroom, and tips for use, and information about access.  Just what I need, access, and also what I need to propose additions for our SON.

3.  Blackboard Collaborate:  10 cool ways to use Blackboard collaborate


Although smartboard/whiteboard is used within the Blackboard platform.  I found this useful to ask about use in Washburn’s D2L.  This site describes a capability for instant messaging and collaboration (Bb IM; Blackboard Col-laborate) and a voice recorder.  The voice recorder can provide instructions, coaching and assessments for students.  Perhaps our D2L will offer these features.

4.  I then found several  power point presentations about technology in the nursing class room using

Slide share Link:

5.  The last site I found was a description of the video conferencing room at San Diego State University. 
Link: . This is useful because SDSU has satellite campuses.  There is also tech support for the features – similar to Washburn University.  The whiteboard technology and use is briefly described.

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