Doe Deere: A Cosmetic Innovator

Bright colors and unusual hues are a fairly new sensation rocking the make-up world. However, the quirky and ambitious Doe Deere was one step ahead when, in 2008, she launched her cruelty-free cosmetic line, Lime Crime. While the rest of the beauty industry was focused on neutral colors for natural beauty, Deere started to make her own bright and colorful make-up inspired by her belief in using fashion for self-expression.

Born and raised in Russia, Deere’s entrepreneurial skills first showed at the age of thirteen when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She would popularize them by wearing them herself, something she still does with her products today. As a teenager, she moved to New York City and followed her dreams of becoming a musician. During that time, she learned about career skills and marketing, which she later used as a fashion design major at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Deere’s love of make-up and fashion grew, along with her desire to share new ways for young women to express themselves. When the normal colors of the cosmetic world weren’t enough, Deere began to create her own, which marks the beginning of Lime Crime.

The name Lime Crime itself encapsulates everything Deere intended the company to stand for: the intense, vibrant colors she adores break the traditional rules of cosmetics. Instead of creating make-up that just looks good, Lime Crime products are intended to be a fun and eccentric addition to everyday life. To Deere, make-up is an artistic form of freedom; a visible way to express oneself to the world. Through Lime Crime’s unconventional style, Deere encourages her customers to ignore what everyone else thinks, and do what feels right to them.

An incredible role model, Doe Deere’s success story is an inspiration for all ambitious young women with their own aspirations. Deere believes that everyone has a skill that is unique to them, and that by tuning in to that skill they can follow their dreams. She encourages everyone to get in touch with who they are, and be themselves despite all the naysayers of the world, because that is the key to happiness and success. Those beliefs became the foundations of Deere’s business, and now she is the CEO of the bold, revolutionary, and ever-growing Lime Crime Cosmetics.

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