Traveling Vineyard Makes French Wine Routes Simple

For someone new to the game, wine tasting can be a pretty intimidating hobby to break into, especially for someone completely out of the loop. Where does one even start? The sheer variety of vintages can be overwhelming, sometimes to the point people drop the hobby before even giving it a serious try. Fear not, potential wine enthusiasts; the Traveling Vineyard has you covered. Having recently posted a comprehensive guide to their carefully selected best wine routes in France, this will kickstart your new favorite hobby- and next vacation- in only a few minutes.

Posted on the French Tribune’s website, the article is an in depth look at all the different sort of vintages you will be tasting on your tour of France’s vineyards. Wine is synonymous with France as a country; it’s what they do. And they’ve been doing it for centuries. Thus, it’s important to know what regions you should be gunning for before arriving. The abridged version goes something like this: there are five different areas one should consider, including Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Provence. Each region has a unique way of making wine, and each wine has its own unique taste. Each region has unique benefits as well. Champagne, for instance, doesn’t charge for tasting. Sip to your heart’s content. Provence, on the other hand, produces a massive amount of different types of wines. Knowing the distinctions between regions is the difference between a headache and the trip of a lifetime, so read the article thoroughly!

But what is the Traveling Vineyard, and why are they telling me this? Traveling Vineyard is an online wine guide provider, meaning it’s their job to set you up with the perfect wine. The wine guides are passionate individuals with experience to spare. It’s an essential service for the would be wine lover; how are you supposed to know your preferred wine without tasting it? The solution would be to throw money at markets until you get lucky, but Traveling Vineyard changes that. So get started, set up a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard, and make that French Tour happen!

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