Technology Solves Traffic Congestion in Texas

Austin, Texas has a problem with traffic congestion. The solution is Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The famous city in Texas is steadily growing; consequently, the traffic problems are a significant issue. The traffic problems in Texas can be managed but not eliminated. According to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, (CTRMA), a technical solution is required to manage the heavy traffic congestion. Traffic solutions involve more than the creation of new roads and highways. The Texas Mobility Authority strives to create innovative solutions to manage traffic issues in Austin, Texas.


The Texas Mobility Authority creator of the MoPac Express Lanes dramatically impacts traffic control. Their innovative technology manages traffic problems in Austin, Texas. The variable tolling rates tripled the amount of traffic on roadways while reducing traffic congestion. This system makes the daily commute less stressful for the citizens of Austin, Texas. The Texas Mobility Authority knows traffic can be managed effectively, however, it cannot be eliminated Variable toll rates manage local traffic, reducing traffic concerns of local citizens.


In the future fiber lines will be embedded in the roads as part of the solution to manage traffic congestion. The fiber lines, relay information regarding current traffic conditions. It notifies traffic officials of any incidents affecting traffic. For example: If there is an accident or a stalled vehicle, the fiber lines relay the information to the traffic center. Traffic is then routed to alternative routes, easing traffic congestion for local commuters. Alternative transportation is part of managing traffic congestion in Austin, Texas. The traffic system encourages residents to walk or ride a bike as an alternative means of transportation.


Mike Heiligenstein is the man behind the innovative traffic management system in Austin, Texas. He is the current director of the,(CTRMA), The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. His experience and creative ideas are behind the technology designed to manage traffic in Austin, Texas. In 2003 he was named the director of Central Regional Texas Mobility Authority. Mike Heiligenstein has a distinguished career in urban development; he served the citizens of central Texas for over twenty-three years. His creative, innovative ideas help Texans manage their daily commute in Austin, Texas.


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