Jason Hope’s Optimistic Vision of the Future

Jason Hope has written extensively about how interconnected data technology, known as the Internet of Things, is producing historic advancements in efficiency and convenience that will only increase as smart technology becomes more ubiquitous. As one example, he noted that real-time monitoring of automobile traffic and public transportation via real-time GPS is reducing pollution and congestion and improving emergency response time.

According to Jason Hope, these benefits will only increase as more and more people take advantage of the latest GPS-based tools. Consumers are eager to find more efficient ways to accomplish routine tasks using apps on their phones or computers, and so Hope argues that it is imperative for businesses to consider how they can integrate smart technology into their products in order to provide more utility to consumers.

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Born in Arizona, Jason Hope attended ASU where he received a degree in finance and an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He is a business consultant, a frequent writer on technology issues, and an active philanthropist.

He is also a supporter of organizations such as the SENS Foundation, which is focused on developing cures for deadly diseases and improving the quality of live for everyone.

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