David McDonald, the man OSI Group owes its success to

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, the company he has helped to built and strengthened over the last 30 years. After graduating with a degree in animal science from Iowa State University, he began his career at OSI Group, nowadays a highly successful holding company of meat processors, and worked his way up since.

What does the childhood of a successful man look like?

David McDonald was born and grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa and he describes his childhood as beautiful and idyllic even. This is where his interest in animal science and aspects that have to do with food and nature was formed, so studying animal science at university came as a natural step. His openness, simplicity of manners, intelligence and strong work ethic have made him the man to influence OSI Group’s future in food service industries.

What did Mr. McDonald bring to the company?

Starting as project manager, David McDonald rose steadily and confidently to the position he now holds within the company. He has a natural flair for detecting potential and he has carried OSI Group through the acquisition of Flagship Europe and Dutch Food Company Baho Foods. He has brought success to OSI Group through his dedication and work with the logistics team. While demonstrating interest and genuine care for the company to strive, Mr. McDonald also kept a rational eye on the company’s acquisitions and actions, going for safe, profitable strategies. He has also promoted close links of the company with the local marketers in order to cater best for customers needs and interests. David McDonald also highlights the importance of understanding the local culture and blending with the local culture if one is to be successful. Flexibility and market adaptability are also strong beliefs that have shaped his work. OSI Group acquires Dutch company Baho Food.

To sum it all up, David McDonald is a very good example of someone who has made significant contributions and has worked his way up due to his passion and dedication. And he keeps going strong. He claims to be enthusiastic about the changing world around him and having to come up with new solutions for customers’ needs. He believes that time management is the most important component of success and he is looking for more and more strategies in this area. Although he does not brag about his success or the company’s success too often, he knows that the numbers and the customers’ interest is there and he lets these speak for himself.

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