Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia was developed to assist Australians on how to reduce their debts as well as create wealth for themselves. In addition to this, Infinity Group Australia reviews on how to help them secure their futures. A successful relationship is built on passion, trust, integrity, and care. The goal of the company to shied regular Australians from government and giant corporations exploits. Graeme took his time to study the mortgage market within Australia and found out that there was a lack of constant support, guidance, advice as well as services for families. Infinity Group Australia comes up to change this strategy, offering a personal banker to assist customers to pay their loans quickly. The customers receive their reports on performance every month, detailed reviews including the assistance in creating and maintaining budgets for their success. The company offers such services as wealth creation, retirement solutions as well as debt reduction.

AFR (Australian Finance Review) just produced the list of most innovative organizations within Australian and New Zealand. Infinity Group Australia became number 58 out of the many companies that were nominated. Since the company came into being by founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, the company has become among the fastest growing firms when it comes to improving the personal finances of its clients as well as debt reduction. It has been five years since the company was established and so far AFR has recognized it as one of the most innovative organizations in the region.

AFR has been publishing the names of the best organizations when it comes to innovation for the last seven years. The prestigious event that happens every year rates organizations in New Zealand and Australia which are best in innovations. This list is then published in AFR which has more than 1.8 million readers.

Inventium is the largest organization in Australia when it comes to innovation consultancy. Inventium is the organization including other panelists that evaluates as well as coming up with the list of the innovative firms. Rating is done by considering how companies are trying to handle the challenges that they were established to address, the uniqueness as well as the quality of the solution they are coming up with, and the impact level that their solutions are bringing to the world. In addition to this, the judges consider the processes, the innovation culture, resources, and strategy of the organizations. Graeme Holm was happy with the position that his company received and thanked the organizers of the event as well as his employees. Learn more:

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