Betsy DeVos has a Long History of Philanthropy

One of the of most successful women of the United States is Betsy DeVos who is also a well-known politician. A great number of people do not know about her philanthropic activities. Since 1992, Betsy is involved in politics from the platform of Republican Party. She is currently serving as the Secretary of Education in Trump’s cabinet. For a long time, she has been advocating reforms in American schools. Betsy has a long history of Philanthropy with the focus on education. She is the wife of Dick DeVos who is a successful American businessman and former CEO of globally famous group Amway Inc. In 1989, the couple founded their family foundation which is known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It is famous for supporting causes related to education, community, arts, justice, and leadership. In 2015, Betsy donated an amount of twelve million dollars to different causes. According to her foundation, the couple’s financial giving is almost a quarter of the family’s total fortune. Forbes released its list of America’s Top Givers according to which the couple enjoys the twenty-fourth position.

Brown also runs The Partnership for Educational Justice which is a nonprofit company. Betsy also donated an equal amount for this company. In 2015, Betsy gave one-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars to Success Academy Charter Schools. GREAAT Schools Incorporation is nonprofit charter school management company which received five-thousand dollars from her. The Potter’s House is a Michigan-based Christian School that received two-hundred thousand dollars from Betsy. During a visit, Betsy promised the school for financial support. A nonprofit organization that works closely with American Federation for Children is called Alliance for School Choice. The organization was given one-hundred-thousand dollars by Betsy. A foundation that works for the excellence in education got fifty-thousand dollars from her too. Visit to learn more.

A think-tank that is based in Washington and known as American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy received seven-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars from Betsy. She also promised to provided one million dollars later. Betsy is the institute’s Governing Body Member. She provided ten-thousand dollars to Institute for Justice which is a nonprofit and libertarian law firm. Betsy donated six-thousand-and-five-hundred dollars to Intercollegiate Studies Institute Incorporation. She provided five-hundred-thousand dollars to College Park Foundation of The University of Maryland. The university named the institute after the name of Betsy and her husband. She also provided hundred thousand dollars to School of Missionary Aviation Technology. The school provides flight and maintenance certificates to women and men. Ferris State University in Michigan received one-hundred-and-fourteen thousand dollars from her. Several other institutions have received a different amount of money from Betsy DeVos.

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