Alexandre Gama the Narrator

Alexandre Gama was born on June first, 1958. He then went to school and was successful enough to graduate from tertiary level education where he studied advertising. The education was to benefit him later in his ascent to the top of the business world when he kicked off his career as a propaganda expert at the agency Standart Ogilvy. At that agency, he mostly wrote for them, creating an environment for thriving business.

He went on to work as a copywriter who gained the admiration of the whole country. He worked for various agencies and was elevated by some even to the rank of vice president. However, the ambitious personality of Alexandre Gama pushed him to set up his own advertising agency, the Neogama. The company grew to become among the 20 most influential advertising companies in Brazil. His success managed to land him in high places and with high responsibility like the time he had been requested to be the Chief Executive Officer of BBH.

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