A Legend Of The Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is a legend of the Splendid Hospitality Group, as well as, the Splendid Family model. Having visions in fact, that have made it possible for this family to privately own hotel group developments throughout the UK. He has created limited service branded hotels, of course, at Hilton London Bankside and The Grand Hotel and Spa in York.

Shiraz Boghani is a charitable man and volunteer with organizations such as Aga Khan University and Ismaili community. This man plays an important role, in helping the economy, by providing jobs for those in need. For these accomplishments, Shiraz was hotelier of the year at the Asians Business Awards 2016. Indeed Shiraz plays an active role as a human being with compassion in his heart.

Built back in 2015 at the heart of Bankside, you’ll find the Hilton London Bankside hotel. Visionary Shiraz thoughtfully placed the hotel near the cities landmarks. Patrons staying at the Hilton London Bankside hotel have the choice of 292 rooms, 25 suites with breathtaking views, and a penthouse with a private rooftop. Second, on the list, but not in any order of favor, Shiraz gives us the Grand Hotel and Spa in York. The Grand Hotel and Spa built in 2014 is the only five-star hotel in York. It is a known landmark as well with 107 rooms and SHG crown penthouse. Here are two of the many hotel group developments throughout the UK that Shiraz has brought to us.

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Society may deem a person with such success as selfish. Shiraz, on the other hand, is not. He is a charitable man in the first place and offers his voluntary services as well to the Ismaili community and Aga Khan University. Shiraz is the chairman of the national council as well as on the arbitration board in the Ismaili community. And at the Aga Khan University, as a matter of fact, you’ll find a donor-funded 80,000 square foot center. Comprised of three buildings, one of which called the Shiraz Boghani building. His dedication is that of a legend that will set high standards high for anyone trying to fit his shoes.

If ever there was a purpose for becoming successful, the incredible Shiraz Boghani has shown us that it is possible. His success provided him with more than needed to live. And yet he still shares his knowledge with countless others. Shiraz has employed 809 people throughout his Splendid Hospitality Group, for this reason. He is the founder of Splendid Hospitality Group. If this man continues down his path of success, who knows how many others will benefit from this visionary. The world will know of Shiraz Boghani and the Splendid Family as a result of his success.

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