The Frontera Takes Down Joe Arpaio

As the sheriff of a border town, Joe Arpaio felt like he had free reign to do anything he wanted. He did not respect the border and certainly didn’t respect anyone who was trying to come to the United States. There were many issues that came from Joe Arpaio and the rule he had over the city he was in, but there were some people who could do nothing because they didn’t have the means to stand up to him. They knew they would surely be arrested if they tried to speak their mind.


Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were not worried about that. They not only had the means to fight Joe Arpaio but they also had the ability to show him they meant business. They knew people were not doing anything wrong with trying to come to the country, and they wanted to stand up to Joe Arpaio’s crooked ways. They chose to show him they were going to fight for all the rights the people needed so they wouldn’t have to worry about all the people losing out on the rights they did had. Larkin and Lacey fully supported people immigrating to the United States.


The men decided they were going to publish information about Joe Arpaio. All the information they published was public record, and the men had obtained all of it legally. They used it to create an article by which they would show people what Joe Arpaio was really doing. They wanted to show everyone he was corrupt, and they wanted to be sure they were showing them that he was not a good person to be the sheriff. For the men to do this, they had to come up with ideas they could use to make things better in their article.


While the article gained the support of thousands of people who read it and learned about what was going on, there was one person who was not pleased about it. Joe Arpaio did not like the article the men had written. He actually had them illegally arrested because of it. After the arrest, the men fought him and won outside of court. They used the money they won from the case to start the Frontera Fund and help others who could not fight for themselves against Joe Arpaio in the way they did when they were initially arrested by him in Arizona.

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